Day one

This is embarrassing.  To have everyone know what you weigh is a little daunting.  We have both weighed in this morning.  Sam has given me permission to tell you all what he weighs.  Since I, Courtney, am writing this post and am a woman, I think I will take both of those advantages and pass on divulging that information.  I will merely say  that I would like to lose about five pounds.  He weighed in at 190lbs., and his goal is to lose twenty by the time we leave for NYC.

Since neither of us are experts on weight loss, we would be happy for any suggestions in assistance to reach those goals.  Sam plans to go running every morning, and I plan to do kickboxing (in the privacy of our home. I don’t want to subject anyone to seeing that.:) I am going to try to plan healthier meals, and we have both agreed that we could stand to eat smaller portions in general.  Thanks to all of you who are supporting us in this endeavor! If you are a supporter, you can click the “follow” button to get any updates on our progress. Thanks!